Attention for students from other provinces

The result of recruitment test conducted for bps 14-16
March 6, 2017

Attention students from other provinces: Dear prospective candidates from other provinces, if you are not AJK national then you cannot appear in State Entry Test of AJK and you cannot apply for admission here via the college. This route is for AJK nationals only. However there are few reserved seats for students from other provinces in the medical colleges of AJK, called the reciprocal seats. To apply on these seats students will go through the concerned authorites of their respective provinces. For example, students from Punjab will appear in Punjab’s UHS MCAT and then apply via UHS on reciprocal seats for admission in medical colleges of AJK. Similarly, students of KPK have to appear in their province’s entry test and have to contact KMU peshawar on how to get admission on seats for KPK. It is important that you all should know that the authorities of AJK have no say or authority on which students get admission on these reciprocal seats and we dont know the exact procedure as admission on these reciprocal seats are given by concerned authorities of respective provinces like UHS gives admission to Punjabi students on these seats. So contact the concerned authorities of your respective provinces for information regarding admission on these seats not us. For example students of Punjab should visit UHS website and search for reciprocal seats in their prospectus. Hope this helps. Good luck to all.